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35th Anniversary Conference
Being Alone -
Becoming Many

2012 PACT Conference & AGM
Huron Country Playhouse - Grand Bend, Ontario
May 9 - 12, 2012
Welcome to the PACT Conference 2012 - our 35th Anniversary Conference.
Being Alone - Becoming Many
Being Alone - Becoming Many - this statement resonates for me on many levels; whether engaged in a collaborative creative process or not, it speaks to the challenges, transition and achievements of going from individual vision through to raising the curtain on opening night; it speaks to individuals and companies coming together from across Canada to participate in discussion, dialogue and debate; and it resonates with comments I hear from PACT members who feel “alone in the wilds,” creating theatre outside of the city centres, until they discover that their colleagues share common concerns, challenges and successes.
The creative spark I’ve been inspired by this year comes from across the pond in the form of David Harradine, Artistic Director of Fevered Sleep in the UK. David works collaboratively both as an independent artist and within Fevered Sleep to devise work for young audiences and adults. He boldly embraces creative challenges such as representing the rhythm of life in a forest or revealing new truths about the unique quality of light. His book, Invisible Things, captures and comments on the process of devising new work for performance. As if this wasn’t impressive enough, he’s also the creator of The Future Playground, an online community of people engaged in creating the future of art for children.
I’m confident that David will inspire, connect and engage with the people that I speak to and support regarding their work, their challenges and their needs. In fact, I’m inspired enough to invite him to be the keynote and guest at this year’s PACT conference. This year PACT celebrates the 35th anniversary of coming together and becoming many for our conference and AGM. This year we’ll meet in Grand Bend, Ontario under the roof of the recently renovated (yes, the renovation has been completed!) Huron Country Playhouse and the Oakwood Resort and Spa (yes, the hotel has a bar, as well as a pool, a beach, a spa and a golf course), from May 9th through May 12th. Whatever your starting point, we hope you’ll battle that feeling of being alone and come join the many.
If you have any questions or require further information on the PACT Conference please contact me at boomers@pact.ca or at 416-595-6455 x16.
I look forward to welcoming you to the Conference!
Boomer Stacey
Professional Development Manager
416-595-6455 x16
215 Spadina Ave, Suite 555. Toronto, ON. Canada. M5T 2C7.  www.pact.ca | E:boomers@pact.ca| P: 416-595-6455 x16
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