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Association for Media Literacy (AML)


Integrating Media Literacy Across the Curriculum (Grades 1-12)


Facilitator: Carol Arcus
July 5-7, Greater Toronto Area  
Brief Description:
Learn to infuse your curriculum with deep learning about digital media environments, as well as practical digital media production. These sessions will include selected revised Grades 1-12 curricula, including Health and Phys Ed.
Detailed Description:
Media studies integrate naturally because media communications underpin each and every curricula. They also are natural complements to collaborative inquiry. Media consumption and production are the same sides of the communications experience as reading and writing, each playing a key role in learning. During this 3-day institute, participants will explore ways in which media technologies and environments can enhance student learning, how media production can enhance consolidation and retention, and how to assess student media work. Throughout this exploration, teachers will actively discover the power of digital media studies to infuse deep learning and engage learners, both online and hands-on.
Key items/issues to be covered as part of the workshop:
• Creating media literacy deep learning opportunities
• Developing an understanding of key media literacy concepts and their application in digital literacy and mediated environments
• Using critical thinking and inquiry to develop purpose for digital media consumption and classroom digital production
• Planning age- and intellectually-appropriate student tasks
• Inserting effective critical thinking about media influences into the new Health and Phys Ed. curriculum
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