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Mary-Kay Goindi

Teaching Elementary Math in 2016:  A Play-Based, Problem-Solving, Makerspace Approach (Grades 1-8)
July 27-29, Greater Toronto Area     
Brief Description:
In this hands-on workshop explore learning theories behind the 3-part lesson, 21st century competencies, and technology within the classroom. Immerse yourself in play-based situations and computational thinking. Finally discuss classroom environment (physical & emotional) to maximize the success of your students.
Detailed Description:
In this very hands-on Summer Institute, participants will:
  • Explore the learning theories behind the 3-Part (or 5-Part) Problem-Solving Math lesson and acquire tips to help this run more smoothly in the classroom
  • Deepen their content knowledge of the mathematics addressed in the Grades 1 – 8 curriculum document, with a focus on the grade of their choice
  • Explore the 21st Century Competencies:  Foundation Document for Discussion (Ministry of Education, Ontario, Winter2016) and discuss the implications for our classrooms
  • Explore technology that can be used effectively for both instruction and assessment during math class
  • Immerse themselves in play-based situations and computational thinking (coding) challenges to experience the rich math that exists in such situations
  • Discuss how to set up their classroom environments (physically and emotionally) to maximize the success of the above-listed teaching strategies
  • Collaborate with other participants to create resources and plan learning experiences specifically for their classrooms
  • Laugh and make new friends!
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