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Ontario School Library Association (OSLA)


Canadian and World Studies - Journey to Canada: The Learning Commons Approach (Grades 7-12)

Facilitators: Kate Johnson-McGregor & Alanna King
Aug 10-12, Ottawa
Brief Description
Come learn and discover new technological tools and methodologies relating to the revised Social Studies, History & Geography curriculum. Whether this is your first year in the classroom or your twentieth year, there is something here for everyone!
Detailed Description
Teacher-librarians and Canadian and World Studies teachers will benefit from the ideas and practical applications developed in this Summer Institute. Focusing on innovative methods for implementing the new curriculum, and guided by the 2014 Standards of Practice (Leading Learning) document, participants will be immersed in the learning commons philosophy of co-learning and co-teaching as they collaborate to discover/share new technological tools and methodologies. Whether this is your first year in the classroom or your twentieth year in the Library, there is something here for everyone!
By the end of the summer teachers will:
  • Explore collaborative strategies for implementing new Canadian and World Studies curricula
  • Integrate relevant, innovative technologies through inquiry and project-based learning
  • Acquire ideas for making connections to resources in their communities for experiential learning opportunities
  • Implement and apply the standards of practice in Leading Learning via current curriculum 
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