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Mike Clare

iBookHack (K-12)

Aug 8-10, Greater Toronto Area  

Brief Description
So I have iPads in the school… Now what?!?! This summer, walk through a practical demonstration of Apple’s free iBooksAuthor (IBA) software. Be introduced to IBA and see the potential to design interactive modules, create customized lessons, and ensure students who are away do not miss recourses.
Detailed Description
The goal of iBookHack is to walk teachers through a practical demonstration of Apple’s free iBooksAuthor (IBA) software. iBookHack introduces IBA to the learner, shows the potential to design interactive modules and walks the learner through the journey from dreaming  and  concept,  to  advanced  design  to  distribution.   There  are  advantages  of digitally sharing resources from ensuring students who are way do not  miss resources to  the individualization  of  program  all  the  way  through  to the  pragmatic  considerations such  as  where  do  I  file  and  distribute  materials  for  students.   With  an  iBook  resource  simple  things  such  as  kids  adding  graffiti  in  the  margins  of  books  is  eliminated. Resources   can   be   easily   updated   and   customized  to   meet   the   learners   needs. iBookHack is designed to help teachers create individual lessons in IBA all the way to customized interactive textbooks.
By the end of this Summer Institute participants will know:
  • How  to  construct,  and  will  have,  an  inactive  iBook  lesson/unit  ready  for  use  with  their students in new term.    
  • Understand concepts of instructional design. Teachers  will  be  able  to  create  interactive  resources,  demonstrate  competency  with tablets in the class room and show students how they can create their own iBooks as a demonstration of learning. Software skills that are transferable across platforms and devices.  
  • A  greater  sense  of  confidence  in  the  use  of  technology in  the  classroom  and  its appropriate use with curriculum related resources.
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