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Where is my registration access code?
Your registration code is in the body of the email invitation. If you received your invitation as a forwarded email, be sure to review the entire email chain as the access code may have moved further down as the email was forwarded.
Why doesn't my access code work?
First, make sure you are entering your registration code correctly. Sometimes we might interpret the lowercase letter L as the number 1 and the letter O as a Zero. If the registration code is still not working, please contact support at 1-855-561-4549 or info@rechercheEDUCATIONresearch.ca.
Registration is saying my access code is no longer available or it has reached its capacity.
The Ontario Education Research Symposium is an invitation-only event. Some organizations are asked to invite more than one participant, and are allotted access codes accordingly. Please check with your organization to see if it has already accounted for its allotment. If you received an invitation directly from the Ministry of Education and your access code is not working, please contact support at 1-855-561-4549 or info@rechercheEDUCATIONresearch.ca.
Will I be reimbursed for travel and accommodation?
There is no charge to attend the Ontario Education Research Symposium. Most meals (continental breakfast and buffet lunch March 1 & 2, receptions on February 28 & March 1) and Symposium materials are provided. Please note that overnight accommodations (both reservation and payment) are the responsibility of the individual participants, as are any travel expenses and incidentals.
Potential claims for reimbursement should be made through each participant’s home organization. Should the organization seek reimbursement from the Ministry of Education, note that travel and accommodations are reimbursed only when a participant travels more than 100km (one way) to attend the event. The Ministry of Education will reimburse only the preferred rate for accommodation. Invoices must be submitted to the Ministry of Education by the home organization within 30 days of the event, with original receipts.


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