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All online registrations for reunions have closed. Here is contact information for each if you have any questions:
  • Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science Reunion (Friday, Oct. 14, 2016) - Kathryn Hong, engineeringreunions@mun.ca, 709-864-3108 
  • School of Music 40th Anniversary Reunion (various events) - Mary Beth Waldram, mbwaldram@mun.ca, 709-864-4700
  • School of Nursing 50th Anniversary Reunion (various events) - Marcia Porter, mlporter@mun.ca, 709-777-2165
  • School of Pharmacy Reunion (Saturday, Oct., 15, 2016) - Sharon Tucker, sharont@mun.ca, 709-777-7211
  • Varsity Reunions (Saturday, Oct., 15, 2016) - Darcy McMeekin, mcmeekin@mun.ca, 709-864-4506
Other Events:
  • President's Golden Celebration (Sunday, Oct. 16, 2016) - Karen Moore, kmoore@mun.ca, 709-864-6707
  • One Night At MUN with Comedian Trent McClellan (Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2016) - Chris Hounsell, chrish@mun.ca, 709-864-2322 (THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT!)
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