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Session Descriptions
Disability and Disclosure Panel
10:30 am - Monday, December 3      (Back to the Agenda)
Presenters: David Moloney, Amal Kandar, Lubna Aslam, Elaine Fils, Tanya Hickey
Releasing personal information about yourself for a specific purpose. Today, more job seekers with disabilities are entering the workforce. For persons with disabilities, finding and keeping work is usually no different than for those without disabilities. However, there may be additional things to consider, such as disclosure—if, when and how to tell people about your disability.
AMI Employable Me Panel
11:45 am - Monday, December 3      (Back to the Agenda)
Presenters: Greg David, Dorlean Lieghfars-Rotolo, Jonathan Alderson, Jessica Rotolo, Lucia Marchionatto
The Employable Me panel will give both job seekers and employers alike the chance to engage in conversation around what workplace accommodation could and should look like. Conference attendees will hear from job seekers speak about their own lived experience searching for employment and advocating for accommodation. The panel will also feature experts that help job seekers harness their strengths that contribute to strong, diverse workplaces. 
Corporate Recruiter Mastery
12:30 pm - Monday, December 3      (Back to the Agenda)
Presenters: Stuart Ellis-Myers: "A.K.A. Twitchy" 

As the world’s only professional corporate recruiter living with the rare neurological disorder Tourette Syndrome. Twitchy looks forward to revealing all of the disability-to-ability placement mastery insights and actions he created working with hundreds of employers and thousands of candidates.
This will be a true corporate recruiter mastery keynote guaranteed to ensure that all of your SE attendees have everything they need to start enjoying marketing candidates with a disability on a daily basis to NEW and hard to reach employers and their respective decision makers who lie beyond the HR Department.
Learning Outcomes
- avoid the three (3) no
no’s every SE Job Developer makes when contacting employers
You Tube . . . . how to leverage ‘living resumes’ www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThJ48-AjyWk
- How to measure a 23% ‘
click through’ rate on drip email accounts
- Empower fear of rejection into massive new employer contact
- how to turn disability hiring rejection into measurable placement selection
- move beyond HR fear and employer procrastination
- learn how to a.n.c.h.o.r. candidates into employed workers
- how to deal with hidden fears and objections
The CNE Opportunity
1:15 pm - Monday, December 3      (Back to the Agenda)
Presenters: Ingrid Mushta
Learn why and how the CNE has committed to having 20% of its workforce represented by people with a disability, and what agencies can do to support you in terms of employment opportunities.
Supporting Youth in their Employment Journey
2:00 pm - Monday, December 3      (Back to the Agenda)
Presenters: Derek Roy
The number one indicator of successful labour market attachment for young adults with a disability is having had a paid job in high school.  It's never too early to start preparing young people for a future that includes having a job.  This session will explore current practices and learning’s from Career Compass, Community Living Essex County's employment services, around ways to start
reaching youth earlier
How to get Recruited in a Diverse Pool
2:45 pm - Monday, December 3      (Back to the Agenda)
Presenters: Jennifer Popkey
Wondering if you should self-disclose a disability from application to interview to hire can be challenging.  Listen to an HR Recruiting professional talk about navigating the process, how to speak to your strengths and your accommodation requests within a diverse talent pool.
Turn Disability into Career Ability
9:45 am  - Tuesday, December 4      (Back to the Agenda)
Presenters: Stuart Ellis-Myers: "A.K.A. Twitchy" 

Boost your Future of Work HR leadership to celebrate and share the many proven benefits directly associated with a fully inclusive workplace. In this laugh-while-you-learn presentation. Hear from your inclusive workplace peers here in Ontario sharing how and why now is the time to adapt, evolve and innovatively enjoy hiring your first of many people living with a disability.
Twitches, tics, and uncontrollable arm slapping! Stuart Ellis-Myers is best described by his audiences as ‘Robin Williams with a twitch’ offering immediately usable placement industry insights and actions on how to become ‘Unstoppable’.

What would you do if, out of the blue, your life turned upside down? What if you went from being a happy and healthy normal child, and then suddenly became an anxious, depressed, twitchy mess of devastating proportion? This is exactly what happened to Stuart Ellis-Myers. At the age of eight, Stuart began to develop one of the most misunderstood neurological disorders of our time. . .Tourette Syndrome. Faced with the prospect of a lifetime of disability, frustration, isolation, and shame – the typical reaction to this tragic condition – Stuart instead chose to share how everyone can experience a remarkable and Unstoppable life.
As the world’s only ‘Twitchy’ corporate recruiter Stuart worked regularly with hundreds of employers and thousands of candidates consistently placing twice the industry average. Today he is an internationally performing keynote speaker best described by 800 + audiences as Robin Williams with Tourette Syndrome!
Attend this keynote to discover how to achieve a fully inclusive workplace, leverage a new understanding on how to go from failure-to-failure with great enthusiasm, never give in and discover how to turn disability into job/career placement ability.
Accessibility Hackathon
11:00 am  - Tuesday, December 4      (Back to the Agenda)
Presenters: Constance Exley, CEO of Accessibility Ontario

Target Audience: Employers, Service Providers, Individuals Seeking Employment
Hackathons are just for coders! Get practical and creative help from your colleagues on how to ensure your organization is as accessible and welcoming as possible to employees with disabilities.

Identify what is keeping you from creating a culture of inclusion and harness the creative ideas, knowledge and experience of others.

The Cannabis Act: Employers' Rights and Obligations
11:00 am  - Tuesday, December 4      (Back to the Agenda)
Presenters: Jennifer Macko, Experienced Litigator and Employment lawyer

On October 27, 2018, recreational use of marijuana will become legal in Canada.  Access to and use of marijuana for recreational purposes is already on the rise. At the same time, over the past few years, medical marijuana use has also dramatically increased in Canada, with more than 200,000 Canadians having been issued licenses for medical marijuana use as early as June of 2017.

The growing prevalence of marijuana use, for both medical and recreational purposes, raises new challenges for employers, particularly in industries where workers hold safety-sensitive jobs, whether it be driving, operating machinery, or providingsupports to vulnerable people. Identifying and addressing recreational use of marijuana on the job comes can be difficult, particularly with the many new forms in which cannabis can be consumed (from candy and baked goods to oils and vaping).  Balancing health and safety with the duty to accommodate employees who have a legitimate medical need for medical marijuana is also a relatively new concept for most employers and it's important that organizations, their HR personnel, managers, and supervisors understand their obligations in order to avoid the risk of human rights applications, harassment allegations and grievances. 

This seminar will review the issues most pertinent to employers when addressing marijuana in the workplace, including: 

Current state of the law on recreational and medical marijuana use; 
- Obligations to employees seeking accommodation for medical marijuana use; 
- Addressing recreational marijuana use in the workplace; and 
- Developing policies, practices and procedures related to marijuana in the workplace generally.
How Digital Technology is Empowering Independence
11:00 am  - Tuesday, December 4      (Back to the Agenda)
Presenters: Avail Support
This interactive session will explore how a software programe and mobile device can act like a virtual assistant, enabling individuals with cognitive related disabilities to complete daily life and employment related activities using discreet digital, personalized prompts.
Lisa Marie Clinton the Founder of Avail Support will be engaging interactively with technology and with you!
Sharing her experiences from many years of working with Learning Disabilities across multiple domains, we'll be illustrating working examples and case studies of how technology used via everyday devices is virtually coaching and improving working practices and models for clients & end users, support workers, job coaches, educators, Employment Services and Support providers. 
Examples will be provided from the State supported initiatives and projects in Ireland, Canada, USA and in the UK.
Benefit to delegates
  • Delegates will be provided with a holistic assessment tool which can be used with clients to identify goals and outcomes.
  • Gain an insight to the positive impact of an evidence-based solution, exploring an example of virtual support and remote monitoring.
Overview of how Service providers are increasing their capacity, and on the transformation of administration time spent on reports and on
Fostering Inclusion and Diversity in the Workplace
1:00 pm  - Tuesday, December 4      (Back to the Agenda)
Presenters: Joel Dembe, 5-Time Canadian National Wheelchair Tennis Champion and London 2012 Paralympian

Target Audience: Employees and senior leaders within public, private and non-profit sectors
In this important Keynote, Joel will invite employees to foster diversity and inclusion in a meaningful way. Joel will address how unconscious bias can affect our daily interactions and shape important decisions. He will outline how inclusion can help drive innovation and business results. He will also cover his own personal experiences - including his journey from Paralympian to financial services professional - and help unlock strategies to improve accessibility in your business and community.
CCRW's Disability Confident Employer Program
2:20 pm  - Tuesday, December 4      (Back to the Agenda)
Presenters: Tiffany Kelly, Ciara Williams
Upon receipt of an 18-month federal grant, Tiffany and Ciara were brought on board to research, compile and test an online, self-led training that looks solely through the employer-lens and focuses on what they need to know to hire,  retain and support persons with disabilities. Funded as a pilot project for small and medium-sized businesses in Alberta, Ontario and New Brunswick, the Disability Confident Employer Program (DCEP) has been rolled out in two phases.  Phase 1 took place in October and Phase 2 wrapped up on December 3, with the goal of nationally recognizing 50 employers as Disability Confident.  The program, which will be modified based on the feedback received from Phase 2, will become a full-fledged program of CCRW and available for national distribution in early 2019.
The Accessible Canada Act: Considerations for Employers in Canada
2:20 pm  - Tuesday, December 4      (Back to the Agenda)
Presenters: Brendon Pooran
Brendon will be speaking on the Accessible Canada Act, an act to ensure a barrier-free Canada.  In particular, he will focus on the duties imposed on federally regulated business, such as those in the transportation, telecommunications, broadcasting and banking sectors, including compliance with accessibility standards and their implications on employers.
Other Employers Are Doing It, You Can Too!
2:20 pm  - Tuesday, December 4      (Back to the Agenda)
Presenters: Chris, Starbucks Store Manager, Sam Forbes, Starbucks Barista

In 2003, Sam walked into a Starbuck's location and asked Chris for a job.  Chris said "yes".  This is a story of their journey, the ups and downs and what they have both learned about the benefits of the Employee/Employer relationship.
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