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Violent Threat Risk Assessment and Digital Threat Assessment Overview - One Day Training
This one day hybrid training session will incorporate the key components from the Basic Digital Threat Assessment (DTA) and the Violence Threat Risk Assessment (VTRA) trainings and will also address the best practices for privacy and security in the remote learning environment.
  • Date:
    January 21, 2021
    8:50 a.m. - Remote Meeting Room admittance
    9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. - Event

  • Location:

  • Participants: 
    Staff and community partners who support school safety and critical incident related matters including:
    • Principals, Vice Principals and individuals who play a role in site specific VTRA activation for their school/agency
    • Educators and school administrators according to school/district needs
    • Community partners who support threat risk assessment and violence prevention (e.g. RCMP, municipal police, child protection social worker, child and youth mental health worker)
If you are unsure if this training is right for you, please contact Sophia Malczewska in Independent Schools.

*Note:  This training includes challenging topics and subject matter that may be a contextual trigger for individuals who have recently been exposed to traumatic incidents in their personal/professional capacity.
This training is accepted as part of the Independent School regulations, but is not a prerequisite to the NACTATR Train the Trainer program.
Training Description:
  • Understand why social media and technology is so important to school safety and effective student threat/risk assessments
  • Understand the importance of establishing digital behavioural baselines
  • Have a thorough understanding of each social media platform and student technology trend: use, misuse and associated risks
  • Capturing and documenting social media evidence
  • Complete online verification and authentication of images
  • Identify strategies on how to respond to cyberbullying and online hate
  • Human target & site selection
  • Effectively assess whether an individual poses a risk to a target based on information from the online world
  • The impact of trauma on systems 
  • Individual student behaviour within these systems 
  • Key hypothesis in threat assessment 
  • Case analysis 
  • Current climate and the impact on individuals' pre-existing symptomology
  • Critical periods 
  • Violence threat/risk assessment & management 
  • Un-authored threats: assessments and intervention 
  • Increasing and ensuring safety and privacy and security in the remote learning world
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