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Fort McMurray Catholic Schools

Online School Fees Payment System

Holy Trinity Catholic High School
Use this page to pay for the transportation fees for School Year 2020-2021
Select the name of the school attended.  If you have children attending both Catholic High Schools, select the one attended by the yougest.  The information will be shared between the two schools.  If you have children using Yellow Bus Transportation in a Catholic Elementary School, pay the transportation fee using the elementary schools payment system.
Enter your contact information, student names and grades of all children using Yellow Bus Transportation (even if they attend another Fort McMurray Catholic School) 
If you have three chidren using Yellow Bus Transportation, enter the code:  FAM  in the Family Discount section.  The system will apply the 50% fee eduction for the third child.  
Parents are required to pay for the first month of transportation (September 2020) before seat assignment.  
Parents may also choose to pay for 3 months of transportation ($ 41 X 3 months)   The payment option for 3 months is discounted by 5%.
Select your School
Primary Contact Information - Parent/Guardian
Student Information
Student # 1

Student # 2 (if applicable)

Student # 3 (if applicable)

Family Discount (if applicable)
Payment of Transportation Fee - One Month

Payment for three (3) months with 5% discount

*Please choose at least one fee before continuing
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