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Fort McMurray Catholic Schools

Online 2021/2022 School Fees Payment System

Holy Trinity Catholic High School 
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Primary Contact Information - Parent/Guardian
Student Information
Student # 1

Student # 2 (if applicable)

Student # 3 (if applicable)

Payment of 2021/2022 Student Council Fees

Purchase of monthly transit pass (if applicable)
Monthly Transit Passes can be purchased in advance here or at the school office
Payment options are as follows:
  • Purchase bus pass every month for $ 41 per month (purchase September transit pass below) 
  • Purchase 5 bus passes in advance for first semester only - September to January - (5% discount) 
  • Purchase 10 bus passes for the year - September to June (5 % discount)   
Select the quantity based on the number of students requiring transit passes
Bus passes will be distributed every month based on the quantiry purchased in advance
A link to this form will be provided on your payment confirmation email  that will allow you to make additional payments during the year as required

Payment of 2022 Graduation Fee

Payment of Outstanding Fees & Textbooks

*Please choose at least one fee before continuing
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