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Gang & Gun Violence Prevention Training – Gang Reduction Through Informed Practice (GRIP)

This comprehensive training is designed as a multi-tiered approach in response to youth gangs in your community. The training will explore the history of youth gangs in BC and the evolution of modern-day recruiting techniques, including social media platforms.

Gang Reduction Through Informed Practice (GRIP) and
Digital Threat Assessment Training

Dates:      August 20th, 2019
                 8:30 registration
                 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m

Location:  Van Bien Training and Development Centre
                  311 Wilson Cres
                  Prince George, BC
Participants: Staff and community partners who support school safety and critical incident related matters including:
  • Principals, Vice Principals and individuals who play a role in site specific VTRA activation for their school/agency
  • Educators and school administrators according to school/district needs
  • Community partners who support threat risk assessment and violence prevention (e.g. RCMP, municipal police, child protection social worker, child and youth mental health worker)
If you are unsure if this training is right for you, please contact: register@saferschoolstogether.com 
Training Description:
  • Learning about negative peer group social mapping - sociograms and connecting the dots
  • Deciphering the myths and realities of concerning images posted online - authentication of online photos and seeing past the stock imagery
  • Reverse phone number and username searching - numbers and usernames are the ID cards of the internet
  • Harvesting public social media data with geo-locational relevance - what are the most effective ways to identify witnesses in a public act of violence
  • Identifying youth on the pathway to gang associated behaviour
  • Identify online trends of weapon possession and use
  • Best practices for online navigation and ensuring privacy safeguards
You will receive an email confirming registration.

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