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  Friday Keynote:

James Cunningham
FUNNY MONEY addresses what is a growing problem – young people leaving school unprepared for the day-to-day realities of budgeting their money, controlling their debts or investing for their futures. The FUNNY MONEY mission is simple; take all of the confusion out of the complex world of finances and empower today’s youth with the knowledge they need to make good financial choices. The award-winning program is an innovative and revolutionary way to teach young adults the basics of good money management because it uses comedy to engage its audience.
James Cunningham is the program’s creator and chief presenter. He is an internationally known comedian and television host with a deep knowledge of the topic and a riveting delivery. He speaks to students in their own language and personally connects the lesson to their lives. Students and teachers consistently describe the show as an outstanding lesson in financial education that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  James has 
presented FUNNY MONEY to over half a million students on college and university campuses, in high schools and at youth conventions across North America.
FUNNY MONEY, in association with the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce of Canada, won the “Best Unconventional Project” award at the 2011 World Chambers Competition.  FUNNY MONEY has also received two “Lecture of the Year” awards from the Canadian Organization of Campus Activities (COCA), as well as the York Region Medal of Honour “for significantly improving the lives and futures of students.”

  Saturday Keynote:
Jane Rooney
Jane Rooney was appointed Financial Literacy Leader in April 2014 for a term of up to five years acting under the instructions of the Commissioner of the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC).
Prior to this Governor-in-Council appointment she was FCAC’S Director, Financial Literacy and Consumer Education, a role she held since 2008.
Over her career Ms. Rooney has worked 20-plus years in the financial sector including eight years as a payments system coordinator and policy analyst at the Canadian Payments Association before coming to the FCAC in 2002.
As Canada’s Financial Literacy Leader, Ms. Rooney works to engage and collaborate with stakeholder groups from the public, private, and non-profit sectors across the country to coordinate efforts and strengthen the financial literacy of Canadians. Her leadership is supported by the National Steering Committee on Financial Literacy which was created in 2014. A priority since her appointment has been the development and implementation of the National Strategy for Financial Literacy—Count me in, Canada.
Ms. Rooney also established and chairs a federal government committee on financial literacy. She is Canada’s representative and National Coordinator for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) International Network on Financial Education (INFE). Ms. Rooney also sits on the INFE’s Advisory Board and co-chairs an expert sub-group on core competencies in financial literacy.
In 2010, Ms. Rooney and her financial literacy team earned the Public Service Award of Excellence for their innovative approach to engaging students with the development of The City, a Financial Life Skills Resource that teaches money management through an interactive and fun online world.
Ms. Rooney holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Carleton University.
  Breakout Session Facilitators:
  • Brian Aspinall, Lambton-Kent District School Board (LKDSB)
  • Jeff Balch, Retired from TVDSB
  • Maureen Callan, Ministry of Education (MoE)
  • Catherine Inglis, Toronto District School Board (TDSB)
  • Kris Knutson, Toronto District School Board (TDSB)
  • Daniel Lustrinelli, Ontario Business Educators' Association (OBEA)
  • Kevin Maynard, Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE)
  • Marian Ollila, Educators Financial Group (EFG)
  • Manny Parreira, Bank of Canada (BoC)
  • Sylvie Pelletier, Educators Financial Group (EFG)
  • Constable James Robertson, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)
  • Peter Wright, Retired from GEDSB
  • Derek Wun, Ontario Family Studies Home Economics Educators' Association (OFSHEEA)


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