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FAC Calgary Regional Mini Conference 2017

October 21, 2017 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

A one-day mini-conference taking place in two locations! Choose from sessions in art, dance, drama, and music in either Edmonton or Calgary! Coffee and lunch included.
Foundations for the Future (Middle School Campus)
8710 Ancourt Road SE
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Art Sessions

Metaphorical Masks (Jill Winters)
Metaphorical Masks - fusing humanities and arts.  Learn how to engage your students in self-reflection, collaboration and creativity through the design of a metaphorical mask. This is a hands on and practical session, that gives you practical ideas to use in your classroom immediately. This session is great for generalists, and arts specialists alike. 

Process Art: Approaching Art as Open Ended Play (Jenna Planden)
Let’s explore how we can create rich art experiences for students that cultivate a mindset motivated by the process of art, rather than the product. Bring your curiosity and imagination, as you will be invited to play, explore, and create within hands-on, open-ended invitations that utilize a variety of readily available and interesting materials designed to foster child-led discovery. Experience firsthand how Process Art can facilitate emotional, physical and cognitive development, while nurturing and celebrating the process of creation. Be a part of the valuable conversation surrounding this growing movement in Art Education. While this session will primarily focus on strategies for teaching at the division 1 level, all attendees are welcome to attend.  [There is a $3 fee for this session]

Storyteller Dolls (Samia Drisdelle)
In this hands-on session, participants will create storyteller doll figurines out of clay and learn about their cultural and historical significance. We will focus on the technical aspects of clay construction with tips and tricks for making pinch pots, slipping and scoring, adding details to make each piece unique and safety concerns. We will make links to other subject areas as the session includes writing a short story. This is a highly adaptable project that can be used to accompany many subjects, in all classroom settings with any grade level. There will be a $3 cost for materials. [There is a $3 fee for this session]

Dance Sessions
Promoting Arts-Centered Learning (Kara Haley)
This session will focus on Arts Centred Learning with a focus on Dance in English Language Arts. The session will explore why it is important and beneficial to incorporate ACL for both general learning and assessment for students. Provide a variety of ACL examples (main focus will be on movement and dance) that you can take straight to your classroom. You will participate in a guided practice of a few activities that you can do with students, so come prepared to move!
Also see our Integration Sessions for dance-related sessions.

Drama Sessions

Creating / Developing Character (Cynthia Statulat)
This practical exploration of creating characters for the stage will introduce the use of anthropomorphism, colour theory, and Laban movement techniques to discover unique and playable character choices. This workshop is designed to help young actors increase their repertoire of physical and vocal adaptations; moving away from clichés toward more honest character discernment. Please dress to move. A PowerPoint presentation and notes will be made available for all participants including lesson plans and assessment tools. This workshop is suitable for all levels of drama instruction.

Directing the School Play (Cynthia Statulat)
This practical workshop will familiarize the participants to the creative and practical aspects of producing a theatrical performance. This workshop will address the organizational requirements of mounting a production and the practical art of directing for the stage. Part 1 will discuss play choice, casting, and designing the production concept. Part 2 will be a practical introduction to the basics of theatrical directing for a variety of stages. A PowerPoint presentation, check lists, and notes will be made available for all participants.

Integration Sessions

Dance Unit for P.E. (Kara Hayley)
This session will discuss the importance of promoting and including Dance and Interpretive Movement in the Physical Education curriculum. In this session we will discuss why it is vital Dance be studied as a unit in PE. We will explore various examples of dance genres to allow choice for and flexibility in the classroom, and to further develop your capacity to deliver dance sessions in a wider variety of styles. You will receive individual lesson plans, as well as a unit that can be adapted to suit your needs. This is a practical session that is suitable for experienced PE teachers, dance teachers and generalists.

Puppet-making: Fusing Performance Arts, ELA, and Fine Arts Together (Darrin Wislon)
This session will explore the art of character design, puppetry and playwriting. Through a hands-on tutorial, participants will learn how to design and sew their own puppets from felt and found materials to create a character with its own personality. By sharing resources and sample lesson plans for extending your students’ learning, the hope is that by the end of this session, participants will be able to walk away with new knowledge and skills that they can share with children, as young as eight years old, in their classrooms. In the end, we will be infusing the art of puppet making and playwriting with what teachers are teaching naturally in the classroom everyday in a meaningful, engaging and exciting way. [Fee of $2 required for this session]

Visual Arts Integration in the Middle School Classroom (Cintia Anselmo)
In this 90-minute workshop, teachers will be guided through art making experiences that showcase the ways in which they may create rich learning opportunities for their students through the integration of fine arts and language. Focus will be on grades 4 through 7, though tasks can be adapted for any grade level.  [There is a $3 fee for this session]

Music Sessions

Conquering the Music Curriculum: A Fusion of Musical Practices (Anita Perlau)
Our music curriculum acknowledges the need for a broad variety of musical practices to fully engage our students in their musicking. In this session, Anita will share activities that address curriculum expectations in singing, moving, playing instruments, reading and writing. Detailed notes will be provided, so come prepared to make music together!

Musical Moments with Literature (Anita Perlau)
Every encounter with young children has the potential to be a musical moment. Join Anita as we sing, dance, and play our way through nursery rhymes, poems and storybooks that will delight both you and your young students. Detailed notes will be provided, so come prepared for some fun!

Perfect Pitch:  Engaging Learners in a Multi-Aged Setting (Deborah Ling)
Do you feel that you need a good sales pitch in order to convince your students to participate in music?  How do we engage students in their learning in a multi-age setting?  This session shows you how to use a “design-based approach” to better engage students in their learning while opening up new ways for students to represent their understanding. The first part of the presentation focuses on individual concepts of music (e.g. rhythm, form, etc.).  Taking a simple concept such as “beat and rhythm”, the presenter will show you how to scaffold the teaching of one concept across the grades.  The second part of the presentation takes you through an “orchestration” of a familiar song in which concepts and skills from each and every one of the grades (Grade 1 through 6) are featured in one single orchestration.
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