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The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the Building Automation world. The converging technology and application that are being offered to covert buildings into smarter, more connected, buildings are becoming too complex to integrate, unstructured, un-managed and inherently insecure.
Building Automation and Smart Building Technology meets IT and OT Networks
Conference 2018, hosted by Yorkland Controls, brings together the voice if end-users and several third-party technology experts to delve into the smart building solutions that support the latest trends in building automation, security, analytics and other converging applications.
This complimentary, half-day event, will walk you through:  
  • Examples: Where connected buildings are headed and how it will help you redefine your approach to energy management, facilities operations, sustainability programs, and corporate real estate.
  •  “Smarter” sensors, network ready control devices, the availability of cloud-based services, smart equipment and analytics is redefining how we think and how we deploy Building Automation Systems, sensing technology, Network Information Systems, and energy systems to provide value exceeding the first cost of integrating these once- separate systems.
  • Operational Technology Networks (OT): Networks dedicated to smart technology devices solve the pain points in today's buildings such as cybersecurityworking with IT and bridging the skills gap with traditional integrators, future-proof networking technology and reducing the total cost of ownership of an integrated OT network.
  • Future proofing is more than just technology. It's a blend of top performing companies, products, integrators, distributors and service. Together, these form the backbone to a future proof and secure building that can transform as technology changes in the years to come.
Come learn about industry trends, exchange ideas, and hear about some of the ways we at Yorkland Controls and our partners are changing the future of building portfolio management.
The event is targeted towards ends users, systems integrators, IT professionals and facilities, and property management organizations.
Register today as we will be forwarding additional session information.
              Yorkland Controls Limited                                www.yorkland.net                                        1.877.733.3833
EVENT LOCATION : Richmond Hill Country Club, Events Center, 8905 Bathurst Street Richmond Hill, ON  L4C 0H4
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