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CONCLAVE 2019 REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED in order to get a PASSWORD for special group room rates at Holiday Inn Express & Suites Deadwood, and The Hotel by Gold Dust​. Deadwood Mountain Grand Hotel is fully booked.
The Hotel by Gold Dust and Holiday Inn Express have rooms available.
* required fields

Vehicle 1

Vehicle 2

All fees U.S. dollars. Registration includes:
  • one vehicle
  • two adults
  • one child under 18
  • one free ball cap
Register by November 30, 2018: Online registration $130, mail-in $135  
Starting December 1, 2018: Online registration $145, mail-in $150  
After July 1, 2019: All registrations $170

Sunday Evening Mount Rushmore Bus Tour ($40/adult & $30/child)

BBQ Dinner & Dance ($25/adult & $20/child)

Awards Dinner ($45/adult & $30/child)

I/We want to participate in these events (and number of participants, if required):

Please send registration questions to Greg & Suzanne Willodson at greg.willodson@gmail.com
Cancellations: Before August 1, 2019, cancellations are subject to a $30 handling fee. No refunds or cancellations after August 1, 2019.
Hotels: The Deadwood Mountain Grand Hotel is the headquarters hotel. All rooms at The Deadwood Mountain Grand Hotel are booked. 
Hotel by Gold Dust is currently accepting reservations. Holiday Inn Express will begin accepting reservations on Oct 2. 
*Please choose at least one fee before continuing
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