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Flourishing in Full-Color


 Flourishing Life 

What is Dr. Wayne Hammond's Model of a Flourishing Life?

We have created a simple way for schools to assess, analyze and activate the potential of every individual student. By identifying a student’s unique strengths and limitations, Flourishing Life supports schools to effectively connect, determine, and allocate resources in meaningful ways that heightens the probability of student success.

Our revolutionary model provides educators with valuable insights that research has identified as critical for students to flourish and experience the personal success required to be college and career ready as well as positive contributors to society.




What is Derek Peterson's Full-Color Web of Support™ ?


Based on the best current youth development research, the Full-Color Web of Support™ framework supports the social and emotional needs of children and youth. It also equips educators with the resilience and trauma-responsive skills needed for self-care and to connect with students to help them thrive socially, emotionally, and academically. The framework supports individuals, schools, and communities in effectively implementing and measuring sustainable practices that empower young people to reach their potential and achieve their dreams. 


Flourishing in Full-Colur

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