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Practical Vision Therapy Accreditation Program (PVTAP) Oral Presentation:
  • Completion of all online modules, assignments and workshops #1, #2 and #3
  • An on-site visit to a clinic providing FULL in-office vision therapy and rehabilitation
  • Write the final multiple choice examination on the second day of Workshop #3
Thursday August 16, 2018 from 12pm-4pm. 
At the COVT&R's 3rd AGM/Conference in the Lake Huron and Lake Erie in the Hilton Hotel Fallsview in Niagara Falls, Ontario. COVT&R has arranged a corporate group block rate with the Hilton Fallsview from August 16th to August 19th, 2018 for those who want to sightsee before and after the AGM/Conference. Please click Travel/Lodging tab above to reserve your room. 
The set up for the examination room will be similar to the following.  There are two rooms with a lounge in the middle where the candidates can wait with their mentors and/or doctors.


General Information
  • We expect everyone in the program, regardless if you are an optometrist or a therapist, to do the oral presentation. 
  • You will be grouped into hours and are expected to sit in and listen to the other presentations during that hour. The idea is to give everyone a supportive audience and to also listen and learn from one another. You are welcome to sit in for as many sessions as you wish but you must be present for the hour that you are scheduled to present in.
  • You need to submit your oral power point presentation (if you are using one) to COVT&R no later than Monday July 30, 2018.
  • As PVTAP candidates, you are expected to register and participate in the AGM CE.
  • You must be an ACTIVE member of COVT&R.
  • PVTAP graduates will receive their certificates and/or awards at the Dinner Gala and Awards Banquet on Saturday evening.
  • Participation in PVTAP and graduating from it means you are accredited as a therapist under COVT&R.
  • Accredited therapists need to stay under the employ of a COVT&R member doctor and will be required to maintain CE credits on an annual basis to maintain the accreditation.
  • It is the responsibility of the member COVT&R doctor to inform COVT&R if an accredited therapist is no longer under the employ of, or is newly hired by, the member COVT&R doctor.

What is PVTAP? 

The Practical Vision Therapy Accreditation Program (PVTAP) Is a Canadian accredited* 18-month program that has been developed to meet the needs of Optometrists and Therapists to ensure they provide gold-standard office-based vision therapy to their patients.

The program gives participants the relevant theory and provides an understanding of the development of vision problems and options for management. This is balanced with a strong practical experience, which focuses on delivering therapy techniques to maximize results.

To facilitate successful integration of vision therapy into a practice, the PVTAP also assists Therapists to develop a working knowledge of issues relating to patient compliance, patient engagement and medico-legal responsibilities.

Can Optometrists take the course?

Absolutely! In fact, we strongly recommend that Optometrists take the course alongside their Therapists for maximum benefit in their Vision Therapy practice. The PVTAP curriculum is ideally suited to Optometrists looking to develop their interest in this area. It allows Optometrists to provide tailored solutions to more patients. For those who have an interest in making a real difference to their patient’s quality of life, this is a must-do course. Theory and practical information is balanced to give an understanding of diagnosis, prescribing and delivery of the therapy programs. Further reading resources are provided along with procedure write ups for patients to follow at home.

The program is performed online through modules, and in-person at three weekend-long workshops. The workshops are currently offered at two different locations: Lynne Valley Optometry in North Vancouver, BC, and at the Halton Vision Therapy Center in Burlington, ON. 

PVTAP registration begins in February, and graduation occurs following oral presentations at the COVT&R AGM in August. 

For more information, please contact COVT&R at canovtr@gmail.com

*Accreditation is provided by the Australasian College of Behavioural Optometrists (ACBO)

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