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Advanced Digital Threat Assessment (New Training) 
The Advanced Digital Threat Assessment is an enhanced one day training to the Basic DTA training which takes a deeper look into the internet and online search techniques that will support schools and their community agencies navigate the vast world of adolescent online behaviour.
  • Date/Time:
    January 29, 2020
    Registration: 8:30 am
    9:00am - 4:00 pm Event

  • Location:
    Henry Grube Education Centre
    245 Kitchener Crescent
    Kamloops, BC

Please note:   Please ensure to bring a laptop to this training session - tablets are not sufficient for the level of training required.
  • Participants: Staff and community partners who support school safety and critical incident related matters including:
    • Principals, Vice Principals and individuals who play a role in site specific VTRA activation for their school/agency
    • Educators and school administrators according to school/district needs
    • Community partners who support threat risk assessment and violence prevention (e.g. RCMP, municipal police, child protection social worker, child and youth mental health worker)
If you are unsure if this training is right for you, please contact Joy Harrison in the Student Safety Division
  • Note:  This training includes challenging topics and subject matter, some participants may respond by reflecting on their own personal or professional trauma experiences.
  • Training Description:
  • Describe the current state of affairs in social media from a safe schools perspective, including the impact of technology on student wellness
  • Identify the use, misuse, and associated risk of social media platforms for students
  • Describe how internet privacy settings work and how to support students in understanding and updating privacy settings
  • Use the internet to complete detailed online searches
  • Describe Twitter functionality and its use to support online threat assessment
  • Leverage the school network infrastructure locally used devices to complete
  • Describe the advanced internet subcultures and the issues associated with each
  • Apply advanced online search techniques to identify safety concerns
You will receive an email confirming registration.

*Please choose at least one fee before continuing
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