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Where do I park?
To accommodate our shuttle bus service, there will be NO parking available at the Garden. Limited, unsupervised parking will be available behind MUN’s Media Science/Biology buildings at 297 Mount Scio Road. We suggest you make your visit stress-free by parking at the Marine Institute (155 Ridge Road) and ride the free shuttle.
Shuttle Bus Service and Accessibility
Where do I get the free Shuttle Bus?
Please park in the large parking lot on the west side of the Marine Institute (155 Ridge Road). You will find the shuttle line-up sign at the main entrance.
How frequently do shuttle buses run?
Buses will start running at 4:45pm and run on a load and go basis (approximately every 20 minutes). The last bus will leave Marine Institute for the Garden at 7:30pm.  Select early nights the bus will run at 3:45pm and select late nights the last bus will depart at 8:30pm.
Are the buses accessible?
Unfortunately, the buses are not accessible. We will have limited parking for those with mobility issues in our main lot. We’ll do our best to get you close to the entrance. Do keep in mind the event is a winter walking experience.
Can I drop off ticket holders?
Yes, you are most welcome to drop off guests; our volunteers will be there to help.
Is there BlueZone parking:
Yes, we have limited parking spaces for guests with mobility issues in our main lot. We will do our best to park you close to the entrance.
How accessible is the event?
The Festival is a winter walking experience and accessibility depends on the weather conditions. As an outdoor event, accessibility can be compromised by snow and ice. Visitors should be aware there are areas with steep grades where assistance is recommended for mobility aids, wheelchairs, and/or scooters.

Can I bring a stroller on the bus? Yes!  If you have a very young one in a bucket seat then it might be best to come early and park at the Media Science/Biology buildings at 297 Mount Scio Road (see Parking above).


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