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Friday, October 16, 2020

 1930–1935  Welcome and Introductions—Darren Moroz
 1935–1945  Greetings from the Alberta Teachers’ Association—Darrin Bauer
 Leading through Resilience: Supporting Youth through Their Educational Journey—     Willem Fraser
 2045–2200  Mix and Mingle

Saturday, October 17, 2020

 Curriculum Update—Dr Mark Swanson
 Breakout A Sessions
  • Emotional De-escalation—Sue Huff
  • Face to the Sun: Shifting our Mindsets in Difficult Times—Nancy Luyckfassel
  • Hacking the Code: Understanding the Importance of Computational Thinking—Sally Rudakoff
  • Indigenous Content in the New Teaching Quality Standard: Moving from Inspring to Requiring—Billie-Jo Grant
  • Mathematics on the Fly for Substitute Teachers—Stacy Connolly
  • Your Pension Matters—Dana Adams
 Breakout B Sessions
  • An Introduction to NeuroRelational Framework—Dr Carole Anne Hypchyn
  • Indigenous Education Resources: Where Do I Start?—Billie-Jo Grant
  • Literacy Toolkit for Substitute Teachers—Susan Noble and Julie Vaillancourt
  • Local Substitute Group Chairs/Representatives Meeting—Darren Moroz and Keith Hadden
  • Making Fun with MakerSpace Technology from Your ATA Library—Sandra Anderson
  • "They" Say Laughter is the Best Medicine—Peter McWhir
 Lunch Break
 Table Talk
 Breakout C Sessions
  • Fantastic Web Resources and Where to Find Them—Sandra Anderson
  • Full Circle: Understanding Social Implications of Indigenous Realities—Sheila Williams
  • Making the Most of the Lesson Plans—Peter McWhir
  • Physical Literature For ALL—Ever Active Schools
  • Substitute Teachers – A Human Resources Perspective—Trish Kolotyluk
  • Supercharging Learning with Technology—Danny Maas

If you have any questions contact
Michelle Caron
Southern Alberta Regional Office (SARO)
Alberta Teachers’ Association
403-265-2672 (Calgary) or 1-800-332-1280 (toll free)
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