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Pre-Conference Day Sessions
Tuesday, November 6
The Surprising Power of Liberating Structures
Session Facilitators: Keith McCandless and Melissa Crump
Prepare to be surprised. Making waves around the world, Liberating Structures (LS) productively and playfully disrupt conventional patterns in how we work together. A repertoire of 33 simple methods changes the way results are generated without expensive investments, complicated training, or shifts in formal structure.
LS introduce tiny shifts in way we meet, plan, decide, and relate to one another. They put the innovative power once reserved for experts only in the hands of everyone. By design, Liberating Structures distribute control so that participants can shape direction as the action unfolds. 
In this one day-immersion workshop, you will learn and immediately apply 10-12 seriously playful methods. You will liberate yourself from deadly boring meetings, someone else’s best practices, wondering why people don’t speak up, group process that feels like drudgery, and excluding people because you fear it slows you down. Inspired by complexity science and developed by Henri Lipmanowicz and Keith McCandless, LS helps you address some of the most challenging aspects of working in groups to manage change and support human development.
In this roll up your sleeves session, we will dig deep into the following themes with a consistent focus on how to and principles to guide everyday interactions.
  • Bringing more freedom, responsibility, and inclusiveness to routine meetings
  • Boosting innovation when working across functions and disciplines on complex projects and initiatives
  • Working at the top of your individual and collective intelligence when organizing a movement, strategy-making, or transforming a culture
Advanced Analytics - Mixed Effects Models in R
Session Facilitator: Dave Campbell, Associate Professor in the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science and Director of the Data Science program at Simon Fraser University
This full day workshop will start with an introduction to the Reproducible Research Workflow using the popular Jupyter Notebook software. Building on this introduction, the focus will shift to a theoretic and applied introduction to Mixed Effects Models using the statistical software package R (in Jupyter). Mixed models use both random and fixed effects which can create a more flexible and powerful statistical model than traditional linear regression. Random effects models are used to estimate person or location specific effects while accounting for commonalities across a wider population. The random effect models each individual’s effect as being a random sample from a distribution of possible effects. This might include multiple measurements of a single experimental unit or measurements on patients. Fixed effects are common across a wider pool of individuals. Combined, mixed effects models could be used to model hospital or region effects (fixed effects) as well as patient (random effects).
Participants are expected to have a firm foundation in mathematics and statistics. While theory will be covered in the context of Mixed Models, no time will be spent on introductory concepts. Also, to get the most out of this workshop, please have R and RStudio installed on your laptop. Participants will need at least some experience with R before the workshop. If you aren't a regular R user, complete the free introductory online course here: http://tryr.codeschool.com which should take about one hour, but will give you the basics from which Dave Campbell will build.
Learn How Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Helping Clinicians Analyze, Extract and Predict Faster Patient Outcomes
Moderator: Greg Caskey and George Earl
Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) workshop is a half-day working session to position our approach on AI projects, working Health Care Demonstrations to better position the real-world uses of AI, Predictive Analytics and Remote Patient Care. This will be followed by an ideation session to brainstorm how Fraser Health could leverage, implement and even come up with different ideas of how AI could be leveraged.
The Greatness of Grassroots. Métis Chartered Community Meet and Greet
Moderators: Ashley Turner and Vishal Jain 
Come and meet the Métis Chartered Communities that reside within the Fraser Health service regions. Learn about the vital role that Métis Chartered Communities play in the governance and overall health of Métis Nation BC and the amazing work that each community is taking on. 
Métis are one of three Constitutional recognized Aboriginal peoples in Canada, and have a vibrant and beautiful culture of resiliency and connection with one another. We welcome anyone wishing to learn more about the Métis Nation, or those who want to hear more about the five Métis Chartered Communities in Chilliwack, Maple Ridge, Langley, Abbotsford and Surrey.
Disclosing Unanticipated Medical Outcomes (DUMO) Session
Instructors: Brenda Booy and Bonnie McGinnis
Have you ever undertaken, or been called upon to support someone else in, the disclosure of an unanticipated outcome or harm to a patient, client, resident and/or their family? If you have, then this is your opportunity to attend a workshop on Disclosing Unanticipated Medical Outcomes.
This workshop is an opportunity to learn about best practices in disclosure, how these are being implemented in Fraser Health and how to access support for difficult disclosure situations. Clinicians and administrative leaders who play an active role in disclosure of harm to patients, clients, residents and their loved ones are strongly encouraged to attend this informative and important workshop.
  • The workshop is developed to provided clinicians and administrators with an understanding of how patients and families experience adverse outcomes. This involves understanding how expectations are created and how they become disappointed.
  • Clinicians are helped to differentiate the different causes for disappointing outcomes and to recognize how each must be responded to differently if there is to be a constructive resolution. This includes working collaboratively with others in the health care organization to analyze, advise and assist in developing appropriate responses.
  • The workshop provides participants with an opportunity to examine and test out specific approaches for sensitively managing these very difficult situations.  
What it takes to Bring Innovation into Health Care
Moderator: Rafael McRaven, Innovation Leader
Meet four individuals who have been bringing new innovative solutions into health care. Each presentation runs 20 minutes in a TED Talk style. This will be followed by a hands-on activity in which you will work collaboratively at your table-group on a daring innovation challenge.
Presenters will also be part of your table groups providing you with an opportunity to meet them. Health care leaders will introduce presenters and participate in the innovation challenge. The purpose of this session is to foster new connections and equip you with an innovation lens for the conference.
  • Presentation 1: Liz Ciulla (patient voice) and Dallyce Varty (NICU Nurse Educator)
    • How Premature Babies Breakout of the Incubator
  • Presentation 2: Janet Funk (Oncology Nurse)
    • Rewriting Cancer Treatment: An Inspired Approach to Symptom Management
  • Presentation 3: Christina Chui (CEO of CareCrew)
    • From Concept to Market: Digitizing our Care of the Elderly
  • Presentation 4: Dr. Amir Behboudi (Emergency Room Physician)
    • Virtually No Pain! Using Virtual Reality in the Emergency Room with Kids
Patient Experience in the Connected Care Environment
Moderators: The Hill-Rom Product Team
The expectations of tech savvy patients and caregivers continue to evolve; both within and outside of the hospital walls. In addition to the focus areas of Caregiver Efficiency, Patient Safety and Improved Outcomes, Hill-Rom and Welch Allyn are redesigning the patient room with smart devices that connect to deliver an improved patient experience.
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