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Interdisciplinary Pre-Conference
Chronic Pain Management in Rehab 
September 14, 2011
Speaker Presentation Title Presentation Link 
Aline Boulanger, MD, FRCPC, MHP Pain Management in Canada: Where Are We? (in French) PDF
Sandra M. LeFort, PhD (Nursing), RN Self-Management Education for Chronic Pain: Overview and Lessons for Practice (in English) PDF
Julie Côté, PhD Workshop 1: Gender Differences Related to the Mechanics of Pain: Better Understanding for Better Management (in English) PDF
Danielle Gratton Workshop 2: Chronic Pain and Practice in Multiethnic Settings (in French)  PDF
Debbie Patterson, P&OT Dip. Workshop 3: The Role of Education in the Treatment of Persistent Pain (in English) PDF
Yannick Tousignant-Laflamme, Pht, PhD Better Understand the Complexity of Pain: The Added Value of Rehabilitation (in French)  PDF
Marie-José Durand, PhD Workshop 1: When Pain Despairs...(in French) PDF
Karine Rivest Workshop 2: Relationships between Disability, Catastrophizing, Pain Thresholds and Gender in Whiplash Injuries: A Longitudinal Analysis (in English)
Daniela Frabasile Workshop 3: Group Rehabilitation Program for Elderly with Chronic Pain: An Evidence-Based and Current Practice Review (in English)  PDF
Michael Sullivan, PhD Psychosocial Risk Factors for Pain and Disability: Detection and Intervention (in English)  N/A
2011 National Rehabilitation Nursing Conference
Chronicity and Complexity: Best Practices to Meet the Challenges in Rehab Nursing 
September 15, 2011 
Speaker Presentation Title  Presentation Link 
Dean Bergeron  Dare to Dare (in French) N/A
Jérôme Gauvin-Lepage Workshop 1: Résilience de familles ayant un adolescent atteint d'un traumatisme crânio-cérébral sévère: développement d'une intervention de soutien (in French) PDF
Andrea Lauzon  Workshop 2: Nurse Practitioner Role: Complexity and Chronicity in Youth's Transition to Adult Health Care (in English) PDF
Sharon O'Grady Workshop 3: The Rehabilitation Nurse's Contribution to a Fall Management Program (in English)  PDF
Lesley Houle & Christine Zarowski Workshop 1: Sexual Self-View: An Important Element for a Successful Rehabilitation Journey  PDF
Cindy Fogel Workshop 2: Implementation of a Personalized Eating Assistance Program for Geriatric and Oncology Inpatients of the JRH Who Are at Risk for Malnutrition (in English) PDF
Teresa Testa & Carole Cressaty  Workshop 3: Approche structurée pour traiter les perturbations du sommeil chez la clientèle traumatisée crânio-cérébrale (in French)  PDF
Diane Nault  Rehabilitation at the Core of Managing Chronic Illnesses (in English)  PDF
Dave Bergeron Workshop 1: Rehabilitation Nurses' Role in Chronic Pain Management (in French) PDF
Daphney St-Germain Workshop 2: L'infirmière, l'humanisation des soins et le plan d'intervention interdisciplinaire en réadaptation (in French)  PDF
Constantina Goharis Workshop 3: Oncology Rehabilitation: An Evolving Program (in English) PDF
Wendy Laframboise, Carol Brown & Joanne Gauthier Workshop 4: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Self-Care Efficacy in Pulmonary Rehabilitation (in English) PDF
Doris Grinspun, RN, MSN, PhD, LLD (hon), O. ONT Caring through Knowledge: Rehab Nurses Leading in the 21st Century (in English)  PDF
2011 National Rehabilitation Nursing Conference
Chronicity and Complexity: Best Practices to Meet the Challenges in Rehab Nursing 
September 16, 2011 
Speaker Presentation Title Presentation Link 
Patty Wooten, RN BSN Can You Manage to Laugh? - The Power of Humour to Facilitate Adaptation in Rehabilitation Care (in English) 
Chantal Cara, PhD, Inf. & Louise O'Reilly, Inf., PhD Meeting the Challenge of a Humanist Rehabilitation Practice: Luxury of Necessity? (in French) PDF
Maud-Christine Chouinard & Melissa Lavoie Workshop 1: Les domaines de compétence de Benner revisités pour un rôle d'infirmière pivot en réadaptation auprès des personnes avec maladies chronqiues complexes (in French)  N/A
Kathi Colwell & Kathy Flegg Workshop 2: Team Accountability in Rehab Services (in English) PDF
Maria Rossomacha & Jenette Schoon Workshop 3: Toolkit for Management of Agitation in Children Post Brain Injury (in English)
Margot McNamee & Laurie Sourani  Workshop 4: Shhh...Can you Keep a Secret? The Ethics of Maintaining Privacy and Confidentiality in Practice (in English) 
Hélène Lefebvre, PhD Personalized Supportive Care for Community Integration as It Relates to Social Involvement and Resiliency (in French)  PDF
Don Kautz, RN, PhD, CRRN, CNE  Defining Moments in Rehab Nursing: Best Practices in Practice, Education, Management and Research (in English)  PDF
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